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personal soul astrology plus card readings with carolyn lewry

My soul astrology readings are unique and memorable, as we open up your personal astrology chart, self discovering begins to unfold, bring clarity towards your personal soul’s journey, reconnecting you with your soul’s true story through soul’s language. Your natal chart will highlight to me where your energy has landed this lifetime, what you have signed up to accomplish, and the different energies that have flowed in from other lifetimes that could be playing out in your daily life. Once we explore your lessons and ways, we move to soul language cards as we discover where you can begin to heal, strengthen, expand or the many other energies available in assisting you to create change and growth within your personal soul’s journey bring you closer to the life you choose for yourself.

Session take a bit over two hours and exchange is AU$230.00

personal soul language card reading
with carolyn lewry 

With my many years seeing how reliable and informative soul language cards can be, we can offer ourselves different choices when events or situations arrive within our life. Whether your wanting direction within your life as you move into new areas, or when challenging events have arrived, whether they be relationships, family issues, personal failures, self-doubts, or learnt anxiety, or the many different situations that come visiting us. I can assure you soul language cards can offer you a way forward and the way forward offers new vision with higher vibrational outcomes. As it is a truth “wherever we find ourselves, this is where we are meant to be to learn more about ourselves”

Readings take around 90 minutes and exchange is AU$175.00

All sessions are available in person or via Skype

(Skype offers to record session)

Session takes place within the healing room at “the farm” (located in Bedfordale, Perth, Western Australia).

personal soul astrology plus card readings with lorenna grant

It’s been 4 years now of learning the coded chronicles of a souls history of a person’s chart and the inexplicable accuracy of that together with the soul language cards. Along with this passion, 1000’s of hours of exchanges and enquiries and discussions with Carol on the nuances of particular energies and how they can have such diverse meanings based on their companion energies over a person’s lifetimes, it came to me that while it was not my plan to read for others, I am finding it flowing out of myself and I am desiring to offer this gift to those who are ready.

Soul Astrology Reading + Soul Language Card Reading:
2 hours – AU$180.00 
Soul Language Card Reading:

1.5 hours – AU$160.00 

Reading Location: 

West Perth 

* Readings in person 

* Skype 

Recording the sessions are welcome

personal soul language card reading
with lily mackay

My love of the unseen world has lead me over the last 10 years to study various healing arts and I now work with clients as a kinesiologist and energy healer. Our body is the most sacred vessel for our soul’s transformation and holds the infinite intelligence of the soul’s journey, past, present and future (much like the map we see when we read the stars) It has become my joy to naturally weave souls language & astrology into my body work sessions to support the body to release the energies that have become stagnant and stuck. It’s a magical process to witness the self healing that takes place. I also offer  soul card readings which express the true alchemy of soul’s language, and with Carol as my mentor, I continue to gather more understanding of moon astrology through a gentle and receptive journey of discovery. 

Soul language card reading
1.5 hours AU$150.00

In Person or Zoom

Location: Hamilton Hill

Session recordings are welcome

personal soul language card reading with jenna henley

My desire as a soul language card reader is to support other people whose souls are seeking answers, expansion or the way forward around whatever it is that they are dealing with in this moment. I offer readings not only for you but for your other family members be it animals or human, to support them not just in the physical, but also in their emotional and spiritual growth.

I look forward to meeting others willing to have a closer look at their own soul journey I promise you will learn and discover much about your own soul when sharing a reading from soul language cards, giving you new insights and direction assisting you within your own journey.

Soul Language card reading
AU$150 for a 1.5hr session

Skype, zoom, what’s app, messenger.

Located: Oakford Perth Western Australia

personal soul language card reading with dianne wilkerson

After my many years of bringing soul language cards to clients and witnessing with clarity how the cards support creating changes within clients’ lives, I am available to offer my readings to those wanting to bring in new vision to old habits and behaviours. 

I have witnessed that the combination of my energy work and the card reading has created an incredible impact on those who are ready to experience and understand the next level of their personal growth.

I look forward to welcoming you into my healing room, knowing that my work can support you moving through challenging moments or creating space for your soul wanting to experience new layers of healing. 

Soul Language Card Reading:

1.5 hours – AU$130.00 

Soul Language Card Reading + Energy healing:

2.5 hours – AU$210.00 

Reading Location: 


* Readings in person 

* Skype 

Recording the sessions is welcome