jenna henley

Hello, My name is Jenna Henley and I reside in Perth Western Australia. I spend my time enjoying being a partner, a mum of two beautiful boys and a support crew for our small acreage we call home and also home for our four-legged family members our horses. They are my other passion, horses and the art of dressage as a rider and also as a coach.

My choosing to be a soul language reader began over 12 years ago, while going through a period in my life where I couldn’t seem to find a way forward within my constant state of anxiety, even though I had incredible support and a wonderful life I still did not know how to move forward or why the anxiety was even there. 

As it happened the universe placed Carol and souls language in front of me, which assisted me in those challenging times. As I explored my anxiety I recognise I’d always felt some kind of anxiousness and probably felt anxiety within most of my other lifetimes and it was only with me for me to understand and do differently. Soul language gave me new perspective, allowing new direction and showing me the way forward within this lifetime. 

Souls language has allowed me to continue to open up and discover my own soul lessons, uncovering my gifts and giving them the space to shine. Understanding my habits and how they weave through my life. The cards and the moon/soul astrology has given me great clarity and guidance along the way, allowing me to heal and as I’ve healed it’s allowed me to step closer to my unique self, the part of me that allows me to be who I have always felt I could be just never knew how to get there.

My desire as a soul language card reader is to support other people, whose souls are seeking answers, expansion or the way forward around whatever it is that they are dealing with in this moment. I offer readings not only for you but for your other family members be it animals or human, to support them not just in the physical, but also in their emotional and spiritual growth. I look forward to meeting others who are curious and willing to have a closer look at their own soul journey. I promise you will learn and discover much about your own soul when sharing a reading from the souls language cards. Giving you new insight and direction which will assist you within your own  journey.