image by lorenna grant 2022

Soul Astrology

With my years discovering and learning the gifts moon astrology has to offer, I would recommend for anyone to spend some moments with a qualified soul astrologer reader, as they share the wealth of information the planets and stars have to offer at the moment of your birth, giving you knowledge and direction to be digested, allowing new vision and a deeper understanding of self, supporting you as you continue your journey on earth this lifetime.

At the heart of moon astrology is the understanding, we are a soul, we have always been a soul and each lifetime on earth we seek to evolve through growth, allowing our personal evolution to expand where we haven’t been able to evolve in other times.

I personally have seen over the years, when we learn the gifts and treasures held within our personal astrological chart and follow the magic of the moon cycles, we can unravel our lessons, whether it be a new moon: allowing us to bring in new ways of being, or a full moon: where we surrender our old worn out ways and bring a truthfulness and ease expanding our personal growth and evolution.

Evolution within your personal acceptance of life or situations, allows the strengthening of your everyday relaxation and calmness, giving the freedom to keep opening up other areas of your life where you would love to witness change and growth.

Growth brings forward your gifted self, or valuing your beautiful uniqueness by feeding your inner beauty, giving you the self reliance replenishing your inner power and strength, allowing you to move forward in uncovering your hidden eccentricity, brilliance, and magical creativity all held within you.

Once we are able to move from our gifted self, we feel the desire to continue our evolutionary healing by questioning our self worth or surrendering our hardship, or any of the other behaviours we may have been holding and believing. As these energies soften we can have a closer look at our more challenging fated lessons we have avoided in other times, whether they be lessons around personal relationships, family karmic patterns, or our continuing defeats returning each lifetime, reminding us of the areas where we’ve blocked our evolutionary journey.

The list is endless to where our personal astrological chart can

support us in breaking down our old lifetime cycles giving us the freedom to experience this life with new vision… if we have the courage to look deep within ourselves and create the changes required.

My spending many years with both moon astrology and sun astrology has given clarity within the differences between them. Moon astrology takes us to a deeper vibration, providing insight into the soul of who we are and what we have signed up to accomplish this lifetime, which differs from sun astrology. Sun astrology interprets more from an intellectual approach providing insight into how we could be or what we can expect from ourselves this lifetime.

I have seen how our souls are reaching an age where we wish to break the cycles that are keeping us stagnant. If you have found

this page, then perhaps you are ready to truthfully explore your soul’s journey and how you can create change in your life. I look forward to connecting with you and assisting to align you to a vibration that allows for movement, growth and change.