Soul Language with Horses

Are you looking for new horizons?

Discover your true self through Soul Language with Horses

Encounter yourself and horses like never before

If you are searching for yourself, have questions regarding the meaning of life and want to let go of fear, worries and certain inhibitions then this experience is just what you are looking for!

__________   Do you feel ...   __________

  • … that something is missing in your life, even if you are actually healthy and content?
  • … that your dreams and visions seem to be unreachable?
  • … that you are lacking real joy and fulfilment in your partnership?
  • … that it somehow has to do with you, yet you can't somehow grasp what it is?

The horse is our mirror

We can fool a lot of people – but we can't fool horses. Totally innocent and pure, they are mirrors of our inner world, for they are masters in reading our body language.

In the encounter with the horse we can discover ourselves clear, real and true as never before – we see us just as we are!

The natural relationship with horses takes us out of our comfort zone and uncovers unresolved issues.

Problems and themes, which we try to avoid in daily life, are mirrored to us in the encounter with horses.

My life isn't like it used to be – what happened?

  • your relationship doesn't fulfil you any more – it's not like it used to be
  • the kids challenge you with insolvable situations –you don't understand each other
  • you have problems with colleges or employees – everyone thinks for themselves
  • you lost contact with yourself – you don't know who you are any more
  • you lack energy and passion – you often feel tired and drained
  • you are indecisive in important decision and don't know which direction to take

What is Soul Language all about?

  • Self-awareness, self-liberation and health
  • Encountering the horses in a free living herd
  • Pleasant, relaxing body movement
  • Intensive contemplation on the questions of the meaning of life – who am I, why am I here, what meaning does my life have
  • Enjoyment of the magnificent, sprawling nature in Tuscany

The horse shows you who you really are

  • The horse is your master, there are no new behaviours to learn, instead you allow yourself to be mirrored by the horses, who you really are
  • You get our full support through group work, the oration circle, silent hiking tours, dancing, meditation and lots more
  • You expose your fears and old behavioural patterns can dissolve
  • You grow beyond old limitations and blockades, you can let go of old things and enter new space inside yourself
  • You get to know yourself in a new way and your natural strength and vitality can flow freely again
  • Within the mirror of the daily encounters with the horses, you experience your change and from day to day you feel freer and livelier
  • This direct experience makes a huge impact on your self-image, your self-consciousness and your body-awareness. It affects all areas of your life, including your family, career and relationships

The  3 Soul Language courses - custom-designed for you

Soul Language with Horses

Encounter yourself and horses like never before

in the AsvaNara Academy - Tuscany - Italy

  • only few spaces available

    max of 12 places available

  • exclusively for you

    Early Bird Discount 20%

  • only 695 €

    or 145 € down payment to reserve your place

How much does Soul Language cost?

Being fully aware, that comparable seminars for personal development often cost a lot more, it is most important for us that Soul Language with Horses is affordable for everyone.

Soul Language with Horses is quite an extraordinary week in Tuscany. It is a  program packed full with teaching, theory, practice and naturally … horses.

The regular price of Soul Language with Horses is 845 € and if you book until the 31st March 2020, you get an early bird discount of 20% and you can partake in the course for only 695 €.

The cost of board and lodging is not included in the price. That can be paid directly on-site in the AsvaNara Akademie. A one week package rate costs 500 €, all inclusive, also for the usage of an AsvaNara horse together with all of the equipment.

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Why is Soul Language with Horses so unique?

  • in the encounter with horses we can discover ourselves clear, real and true as never before, we see us just as we are!
  • you will go beyond limitations, expand and overcome bounderies and return to your full potential in a natural way
  • you will learn the forgotten language of horses and travel with them on the magical path of the soul
  • it is an invitation to be entirely in harmony with nature and yourself again

All this is Soul Language with Horses

  • deep self-discovery in individual and group processes for personal growth, development of personal values for a conscious life, relationship techniques, not only with horses, but also on a personal level
  • a touch of adventure and romantic, an unforgettable experience, sleeping in a Teepee like Indians and singing at the campfire like Cowboys
  • a Full-Immersion-Course, a week in nature with your horse, to discover and experience the being of the horse and the soul language
  • watching the AsvaNara horses, living in a free herd, in order to understand their subtle language, their social structures and the hierarchy amongst them
  • innovative exercises and techniques to become a leader for your horse and to build a relationship with trust and respect
  • a practical method of natural horse language, understanding and using Equine-Psychology and creating a real relationship
  • silent pilgrimage on the trails of Saint Francis, experience the beautiful nature in Tuscany and pure zest for life
  • daily Yoga, conscious movement and meditation, well-being with exercises, which you can also do at home
  • fantastic accommodation in nature and delicious vegetarian food, health through good, healthy nutrition, which tastes fantastic
  • individual coaching after the course via e-mail, video and Facebook, exchanging photos and other memories

Risk Free – satisfied or money back

You risk absolutely nothing – we are so sure that you will be completely satisfied with the Soul Language with Horses, that we are prepared to take the full risk.

How it works; register today for the course and we will see each other next summer in Tuscany.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied after two days and your expectations haven’t been met, we will refund your money. You only pay for board and lodging of the first two days.

How was the Soul Language developed?

In 2011 Bettina and Ariane took part in a profound pilgrimage in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi in Tuscany. From this experience Soul Language with Horses originated:

"Fully immersed in his lifework and touched by the simple, natural prayer of his soul, we were almost blown away by the free herd of horses on our arrival in AsvaNara. They were galloping towards us, full of joy and vitality, as if they said, "What you have just discovered for yourself, we live each and every day! Welcome!"

We could not resist their charm and we got engaged with them. By learning the horse language at a deep soul level, we discovered numerous parallels to our own healing path - and to the principles of Saint Francis. They brought us deep knowledge and natural wisdom, they anchored freedom into our being, real and concrete, practical and physically tangible.

Then the desire was born to share this experience with people who are on the path of "practical spirituality" with us. The first group came together, and came again and again. After five wonderful years, in which Ariane and Bettina have given this experience on to many people, a natural phase of change began in 2016.

Ariane´s movement of liberating femininity under the umbrella of Donna Divina International grew and needed her full attention, so that Edwin, co-founder of the AsvaNara Academy, stepped in.

It was quickly clear, that this constellation was totally suitable for Soul Language, so that we, Bettina and Edwin, enter into the new season of Soul Language 2017 with lots of joy.

Bettina has learnt through her own experience and that of many of her clients that it is possible to make a fresh start and put an end to old stories and painful experiences to find yourself to feel free and liberated inside and to live life joyfully.

Her passion is to support people on their path to self-realization. For over 15 years she accompanies people in one-on-one sessions and gives seminars in many European countries.

In Soul Language Bettina takes on the “people” part.  With her openness and long-standing experience as a Journey Practitioner, Conscious Coach and a Facilitator of the Talking Stick Method, she supports and accompanies the participants experiencing their own processes.

                                                            more about Bettina

Edwin started to train horses and teach people in Natural HorseManShip in the USA over 20 years ago.

Together with his wife Ariane he founded the AsvaNara Academy in Tuscany in 2004, where he passes on his knowledge and his experience with horses and refines the program of AsvaNara.

Edwin will be responsible for the “horse-part” in Soul Language and you will be able to benefit from his long-standing experience.

What participants say after Soul Language

"Soul Language is a personal experience of inner freedom, an intensive perspective of the “deeper questions of meaning” of life. It is pure health and nature, active holiday and an encounter with naturally living horses.”


Jule Fritzke

I understood their language and my relationship changed immediately, everything has become so easy and unbelievably beautiful

Jule Fritzke Wiesbaden
Marilena Biancaterra

this is a great possibility to create a new relationship of trust and respect, and it has deleted my unhappy past

Marilena Biancaterra Italien
Petra Kast

his experience has been incredibly enriching for me and I would like to thank you, for the possibility to be just me

Petra Kast München

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work also for me?

We will accompany you step for step on your path with the horses. The number of participants is limited, so each and every one receives the support that he needs. It is not difficult, and so far we only have positiv experience. It will also work for you!

Simultaneous Translation will be available from German to English at a small additional fee of 75€ to cover cost of the translator and the equipment. Please let us know in advance if you will need translation, so we can organize accordingly.

Do I need experience with horses?

Definitely not. Soul Language with Horses is a completely new and different approach to horses and you don't need to have any previous experience whatsoever. That allows you the freedom to come without any expectations at all. In this way, you can fully engage yourself with the horse and enjoy this new experience to the fullest.

The last week ‘Freedom on Horseback“ is the only week in which we will be on the horse and ride. That's why only the participants from the Leadership Course can participate.

What is the best way to travel?

The closest airport is Florence and we can arrange a shuttle service from the airport to AsvaNara, please let us know your travel plans, so we can arrange services accordingly.

  • Florence – 1,5hrs – 135km - Vueling, Lufthansa, KLM, Alitalia
  • Bologna – 2hrs, - 170km - Ryan Air, Easy Jet, German Wings, others
  • Pisa – 3hrs – 205km - Ryan Air, Easy Jet, TransAvia
  • Rome – 3 hrs Fiumicino or Ciampino 280km - all airlines

If you are planning to travel by car, these are the coordinates for your GPS:

AsvaNara Academy - Latitudine: 43,68485°N – Longitudine: 12,02619°E

The AsvaNara Academy is situated in the country side, close by the village of Pieve Santo Stefano and can be reached easily from all directions.

How about accommodation and food?

AsvaNara offers you the possibility to live in a very special atmosphere; the original Sioux Teepee’s are located in the shade of oak trees, where it’s quiet and surrounded by nature. The Teepee’s are very basic and simple, yet comfortable and ideal for everyone who wants to spend time in mother nature.

They are furnished with beds for 2-3 people and the shared bathroom with showers, toilets and laundry are close by, just a couple of foot steps away. Living this way might remind you of childhood dreams and it will take you back to a time when life was easy, playful and great fun.

All meals are prepared by out kitchen team and they will take care of your wellbeing with healthy, natural vegetarian food. We use high quality ingredients and organic grown products.

During the retreat you will discover a multitude of recipes from all around the world, not only healthy but with great taste and with new and different flavor. If you have any special needs regarding nutrition please let us know in advance.

How can I make the payment?

For your payment you can choose between PayPal or Banktransfer.

PayPal is worldwide leader for on-line shopping. The payment is secure, fast and easy. If you don’t know PayPal yet, then have a look at the video on the right, in only 1 minute and 15 seconds you will get more information.

If you prefer payment via bank transfer you can choose this option during the booking process, all the bank details will be sent to you by e-mail.


Do I have to pay the full amount all at once?

No ... only the early bird price must be fully paid. With the regular price, it is enough if you pay one down payment of 145 €, in order to reserve your place. Whilst booking you can choose the method of payment.

Would you like to talk to us?

We will be happy to give you further information about Soul Language with Horses and answer all of your questions

call us ... +49-172-664 44 65

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