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I see soul journeys, I speak soul’s language.

I am an intuitive spiritual astrologer, here to assist in reconnecting you with your soul and ​the truth of who you are.

I see where your energy has landed in this lifetime, what you have signed up to accomplish and the energies that have flowed in from other lifetimes that could be playing out in your daily life.

Most of all, I encourage you to feel peaceful and in charge of your soul’s evolution.

Through my understanding of your soul’s journey, its language, and the energetic moon cycles, I seek to align you to a vibration that allows for movement, growth and change.

​I am Carolyn Lewry and I am so glad you are here.

Soul astrology workshop

29th – 30th  April   starts 10am finishes 3.30pm both days 

Learn how to interpret yours and others astrological chart from
soul language..

At the heart of soul astrology is the knowing our astrology chart holds our personal soul blueprint giving us the understanding where changes can support our soul continuing it’s evolution journey this lifetime… 

I’ve loved astrology from an early age and Ive been a practicing astrologer for over thirty years.. the last fifteen years working with others as a soul astrologer.. I’ve witnessed the absolute brilliance of soul’s healing abilities of noticing our personal problematic old ways.. that our mind has troubles recognising this lifetime and others.. holding us back from receiving the life we would choose for ourselves…

On my journey I’ve witnessed how our personal astrology chart can support us in any of our personal lesson or situation we find ourselves in.. Our astrology chart can give us direction within each moon cycle.. each visiting transits.. giving us greater clarity in how to move forward with flow and ease within our souls desire for inner growth and change..

Over the two day workshop we learn in depth all the elements that make up astrology charts.. when we understand the secrets held in each part of the astrological chart.. it’s with ease of understanding yours and others astrology chart.. 

Understand how soul language can support us when learning astrology..

Discover in-depth the emotions astrological signs hold..

Learn the actions astrology planets bring to each chart.. 

Learn to interpret the knowledge held within the astrological houses.. 

Uncover the secrets found in aspects of each chart..

See how the elements ( bring extra clarity..

Learn about the modes (fixed..mutable..cardinal) bring extra depth

Learn how the moon nodes uncover many of our accepted ways.. 

Learn and discover how to join the different energies all together.. 

When combined these teachings give you vast amounts of personal knowledge to read your own astrology chart and  charts of others.

Workshop notes provided also your astrology chart plus two other charts of your choice.  Fruits, snacks, tea and coffees available for morning tea and light lunch provided.  
Cost of two day workshop is $525.00.

If you would like to join us for the weekend, please contact us through messenger or our webpage.