carolyn lewry

“My life long love of astrology has enabled me to explore the wonder and truthful gifts astrology has to offer for over 45 years, beginning around my 17th year while discovering astrology from a dear friend, I felt an instant connection, at some vibration life began to make sense for me.
I learnt from my astrology chart how to uncover and see my personal patterns and behaviours, giving room for new understanding and a flow towards inner growth and change. My earlier travelling years slowed enough to receive my certificate as an astrologer in my early thirties, giving me the opening to share my knowing’s with others, as an astrologer.

After observing many astrology charts I began to glimpse how our other lifetimes influence the decisions we make this lifetime, leading me to learn more about past life regression therapy, as I could see the benefits of joining astrology with regression sessions together, as they assist each other in understanding our life as a soul, assisting in unravelling our journey with greater ease and flow. Something our personal mind habits have not been able to achieve within our/this lifetime on earth.

After receiving my certificate in advanced regression therapy and working as an astrologer/therapist lead to the opening of exciting times of discovery, witnessing the wealth of knowledge stored within regression work. I began observing how many of us believe we live a certain life but our true reflection shows, we live the stories our mind tells us we are living, it is common for many of us to not notice or give time to our habits while living our everyday.

Habits of our unhealed self worth or our beliefs in unresolved defeats influencing our direction, we don’t see how we protect ourselves from entering relationships with genuine love or the many other fated stories we tell ourselves and continue to support, but not acknowledge.  

I witness souls not noticing or seeing their painful habits, where we’ve learnt to give most of our attention wanting success or proving to other we can be successful or our favourite of wanting to be adored and popular.

I witnessed many soul lessons go unnoticed, by continually disregarding the images the soul personally creates each day (images of intensity, sadness, control, despair, anger plus the many other images we ignore, or the images we don’t see in our day where we live without inner feelings of joy, harmony, peace, truthfulness to name a few) all reflecting the many missed opportunities for personal growth.

With regression therapy, after a soul finishes their visit to their lifetime, the soul then returns Home and its beautiful to hear their voices became softer. I would hear higher vibrational words being used. Exchanges reflecting relaxed emotions and curiosity when questioning their visited lifetime, the unkept promises, the missed opportunity of transformation, the holding back of individual uniqueness and the many other stories I have heard. 

I began noticing a language unfolding, a language I believe to be soul’s language, a language which I believe has been disregarded on earth for many lifetimes, as our evolutionary desires were not as strong then as they are today, a language remaining available for us to own and rediscover whenever we feel the desire, as this beautiful language moves from wonder, a language offering us the knowing’s in how to honour our promises made towards our soul lessons or our family karmic patterns, by doing different to the fated and familiar repeating memories and habits keeping us stuck.

I began to question if I could bring the simplicity of souls language to others, to echo soul’s language visionary knowing’s, and souls chosen energies that it values and moves from each day, to be able to grow from a language that knows and understands how each soul’s journey can bring clarity and strength to our human soul journey,  

to assist others understanding their souls lessons.

I began interpreting clients personal astrology chart from their soul’s perspective influenced from soul’s language, I remember with a vividness, my excitement at seeing the ease of understanding our personal individual souls lessons and what areas our lessons could be found and how reliable our astrology chat is at revealing where change could happen but on the flip side I also repeatedly noticed how many felt the embarrassment in owning their lessons, blocking their personal healing taking place, or for others feeling their tasks for change too daunting, creating confusion as to how to create the changes required, or others wanting change but remaining in their other lifetimes of addiction to habits, and with our many lifetimes, living from mind it is challenging to believe life can be done differently, specially when we are in such a hurry for our success.

These years of noticing and connecting the threads of soul’s language to the otherwise hidden memories of others, lead to creating a beautiful deck of soul language cards, giving further clarity and support of soul chart astrology, of the layers required for our soul to move forward with releasing the many old unforgiven lessons. They also give insight into what energies soul’s language values and chooses to grow and move from, the cards show a way out of any situation we find ourselves in, they will show what energies are arriving to be done differently, or what we are looking at in this very moment.

My spending time with these cards/astrology within my own soul’s growth and that of others for over my lifetime and I’m still surprised everyday how/what they uncover and the depth of the simplicity of their undeniable truthfulness. We miss so much when mind believes itself to be in charge. The soul though, quietly, subtley, humbly, is the true inner power.”