lorenna grant

“Since a child I found momentary relief and a certain voice through creating art. I was always trying to find a way to belong to something and art had some flow to it for me. All else were reckless attempts at escaping my disowned inner pain. When I found I’d survived my 20’s, I studied art, learnt to question what I saw, question everything.

My inner world was only just beginning to question itself. Art taught me to understand that critique is not a weapon to wound but an opportunity to see differently, broadly. I see in metaphor and symbolism through my long art practice and it’s as though it has all lead me to here, to souls language where we begin to see our journey through reflections instead of turse judgements.

In 2012 astrology charts found their way into my artworks and although I did not understand them for the wealth of their insight they are, they showed up as threads and little golden stones in my work. Years later I would meet Carol as I recall in the middle of a challenging transit, and I have not missed a soul language reading with her since. That’s every new and full moon since. The cycles are 2 weeks long when the energies change and the lessons shift. In addition I have gained a working knowledge of moon astrology, not through a mind study but through an awestruck curiosity at the largess of what can be seen in the reading of a person’s chart. I never leave it, it fascinates me, and I continue to learn in an embodied way – it’s a magic I never knew I had.

It’s been 4 years now of learning the chronicle of a souls history of  person’s charts and the inexplicable accuracy of the soul language cards. Along with this passion, 1000’s of hours of exchanges and enquiries and discussions with Carol on the nuances of particular energies and how they can have such diverse meanings based on their companion energies over a person’s lifetimes, it came to me that while it was not my plan to read for others, I am finding it flowing out of myself and I am desiring to offer this gift to those who are ready.

Our challenges never leave, its why we are here, but they do become more refined, more like friends to be nourished. When we Know what is running underneath all the Appearances, we are in an empowering position to begin to surrender lifetimes of habits and stuck behaviours. What waits for us beyond our habits is limitless. There is no ‘fix’ here, there are no solutions. This is a commitment to change for life, and then keep changing. With each tiny shift I cannot tell you the gifts that come. That’s for you to discover and know. I can say for me, my path is clarifying with each moon and transit, there is periodic moments of bliss followed, by the next layer of my learning. Welcome.”