dianne wilkerson

I now see how I ignored my inner healing abilities when I was my younger self, as they were visible at an early age. I remember the pleasure my Nana felt when I would brush her hair or rub her shoulders, I noticed how her mood would lift. Remembering my desire of wanting to know every move the masseuse would make while she massaged my mum. As a six year old, I noticed the feelings of power within my hands and the sensation those feelings created when working with others.

Looking back over my childhood, remembering my ease at releasing energies from others and seeing the difference this created for them. Even at that young age having my inner knowing “One day I will contribute my gifts as the healer to others”.

As the years passed, my life took different turns as life does, and truthfully, I felt a fair amount of discomfort within my life, But I continued to search for a deeper understanding of who I was. Then with luck at twenty eight I met Carolyn who showed a new way of being and a new way of living life through Soul Astrology and Soul language. With my 17 years working with Carol, I’ve experienced the healing of my own wounds, celebrated my moments of change towards my soul memories, relished each and every drop of change I’ve created, plus feeling my own inner strength as a woman giving clarity for my direction as a healer whether I’m offering personal card reading to others with soul language cards or giving hands-on healings, assisting others to release old worn out energies or supporting others to strengthen themselves.