Is relaxation something you have wished for; however, life seems to become busy or other things take your attention?

​We all have different reasons for wanting relaxation.
Some of us wish to be in charge of our stress or anxiety, others have a desire to expand their growth, and some may be curious to explore their relaxation and where it will lead them. Whatever the reason, greater relaxation within your every day is achievable, it is possible if you give yourself the space to practice it.

After 30 years of observing my own personal growth and that of my clients, I’ve come to understand that a daily practice of relaxation brings forth the clarity that one needs to observe their inner behaviours with calmness and graciousness.

Relaxation arrives when we take personal responsibility for it, where we give relaxation some space each day, making it easier to maintain our relaxation and calmness as a way of everyday life.

If we can push past our mind’s frustration or confusion when trying something new and hold responsibility for your own relaxation, relaxation can be felt and we can witness the difference relaxation makes within our days.

Relaxation creates a closer relationship with your body, as you begin to notice how your body enjoys and thrives on relaxation. It leads you to better understand that when your body is relaxed, you choose different outcomes that allow you to hold your relaxation.

You begin to observe that when you are relaxed, you have a greater awareness of what you say, and what you feel, giving you clarity around what is truly happening within your everyday events and situations. This allows you to own a genuine honesty as to what’s happening within your life, giving you the freedom to live your life with less anxiety and stress.

My relaxation recordings contain unique knowings and movements that teach you how to take responsibility for your own relaxation practice, bringing these new visions into your everyday life, where you can step way from living from mind’s ways and spend your days with an awareness of the present moment.

As you begin learning to strengthen your listening, you’ll have the ability to follow the prompts that allow you to feel the slight sensations within the body, allowing the understanding your body communicates through feel, giving you new understanding of just how talented your body is and how your body contributes much towards mastering relaxation.

The recordings are sold in a bundle with guidance through my three-week relaxation course, or you may choose to begin your journey with the Introduction recording and take it from there. Wherever you are on your journey towards relaxation, I wish you well.


“There is only so much that can be healed with information, only so much that can be healed by others, there is only so much emotional pain that can be relieved by semi conscious impulses and behaviours: patterns that are essentially habits. These addictions to behaviours run very deep, however, inevitably, when the time comes, we must go underneath all the protections and projections, by accessing the relaxed inner field where Knowing is sourced directly – where In is the only way out. Carol’s recordings are a culminating path founded on an extraordinary intuitive insight through life long path of original enquiry – I believe her knowledge to be authentic and expansive around the journey of our soul, and now, as she generously takes her life’s work to the world, Her new recordings guide you to your own field from where your original knowing waits.” – Lorenna

“Carolyn’s relaxation recordings have literally changed my life. They have enabled me to be able to reach greater moments within my day where relaxation is around and my body respond so well to each recording depending on what I choose. They are so good that I even play them sometimes at night for my baby boys and they also love to listen to her words and watch how their bodies respond with becoming more calm and relaxed before sleep. Thank you Carol for creating such an amazing audio to be available to help create relaxation wherever we are.” – Jenna

“Giving myself the gift of So-Sy Astrology’s Rest and Relaxation Recordings…. I see more and more everyday just how much they have contributed to changing my life in so many ways…..The clarity I gain within gives me the power to take charge of my life, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally…. I have seen and felt how the recordings have contributed to the genuine growth of lightness…calmness and a joy within. This is what I want to continue to invest in for myself everyday. I am forever grateful …..Thank you so very much Carol.” – Dianne

“These recordings have really become part of my daily life. As a Mum and also running a small farm- it’s habit to get caught up in my ‘thoughts’ and being ‘busy’. I found the recordings a lovely lead-in to strengthening my relaxation over the past 12 months I’ve been using them. Initially I would put one on when I had a lie down and ‘made space’ to meditate/relax. However I now use them in so many parts of my day; with my headphones while working on the farm, on loop/repeat at night while i sleep or on speaker while I’m cooking dinner (I especially love this as my kids hear it too at some vibration and we have some awesome conversations as a result ). I will listen to ‘Relaxation in Challenging Moments’ if I’m anxious, or ‘Surrender’ when I’m ready to let go of an old habit…. each recording offers a different element to relaxation. Thank you Carolyn for taking the time to make these very special windows to relaxation and to learning more about ourselves.” -Pia

“Have been working with Carol for quite a while and these recordings has helped me reach a new depth of relaxation and stillness. Which has supported me in my inner growth and movement through challenging moments with more ease. Highly recommended to anyone who wants change in their life.” – Max